Yolanda Philgreen
Yolanda Philgreen, CEO & Founder Hawk Woman Marketing

About Hawk Woman Marketing

As a former Montessori Teacher, I decided to change careers and return to university in 2004 and gained my degree in Marketing in 2008. Afterwards I worked with a large fortune 500 organization as a regional rep gaining tons of knowledge and experience.  In 2013 I decided to start my own Marketing company here in New Mexico. My knowledge, education, and ability to train and teach people gave me the access to work and start in the Organic and Natural Industry.  I chose this industry because of my dedication to the Earth, Organic foods, and the use of Herbal remedies. All of my products are Eco friendly or made with recycled materials, Woman owned and operated, organic ingredients and GMO free.

Many of my clients, past and present utilize my skills as a sales rep and broker but have also taken advantage of my training skills and demo skills. I am a full spectrum marketing company providing not just customer service or sales, but really everything from key account placement services, promotional services, Marketing plan designs alongside your broker services. Please see my marketing services page. I provide more services that could be of help.

If your ready to have a contract with me and my brokerage please fill out the form below and we can look at your products, where there located in placement. To see my current lines that I work with you can go my clients page.


Yolanda Philgreen

CEO & Founder Hawk Woman Marketing

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